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Roger Swann (A director of Cigol Controls Limited) is honoured to be a member of the Embarcadero "Most Valued Professionals" (MVP) scheme. Embarcadero award this accolade to programmers and developers who have shown knowledge, experience and skill in employing Embarcadero Development Tools.

In particular membership of the scheme is recognition of the large amount of time he has spent over the years working with the different versions of the C++ Builder product range. He still considers this to be the best tool available for Windows application development. More recently it has become the IDE of choice for the development of mobile applications for Android and Apple devices too.


Introduction to XML Mapper - Delphi Bootcamp 2023

Roger Swann presented a session with the above title at the 2023 Coding Bootcamp

Click this link to view a replay (starts 4 hours into the video) Introduction to XML Mapper


#DesktopFirst - Roger was a speaker at the online Desktop First conference in 2020


Roger with Embarcadero expert, Pawel Glowacki

Roger Swann with Embarcadero expert, Pawel Glowacki at the Embarcadero presentation in London, May 2017

Roger Swann maintains a blog featuring thoughts and tips on C++ Programming which you can read by clicking here

Click here for a little more information about Roger Swann

Roger with his Alex 103

( Photograph: David Calow - CalowCraddock Ltd Tel: 07825 537647 )

Embarcadero MVP logo


Roger Swann - Horn Player - Wine Enthusiast - C++ Programmer