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** 4 Channel Vacuum Gauge Interface - VGI-100 **

The VGI-100 is primarily targeted for use in the high and ultra-high vacuum industry.

The unit is designed to provide an interface to between up to four high vacuum gauges and provides an RS485 output suitable for transmitting over long distances (anything up to 1 km). The VGI-100 is supplied complete with Windows PC compatible software for displaying the measured vacuum gauge readings.

Download a summary of the VGI-100 features (s726901.pdf - 24kb)

Click here to download (free of charge) a simulation of what the VGI-100 can do for your vacuum system. This version (726710) was updated May 2019. Check your current version (Help/About) to see if you are using the latest version.

The VGI-100 can also be supplied with an RS232 compatible port.

Picture of VGI-100 four chanel temperature controller

The vacuum gauges (see below for list of supported gauges) are connected using RJ45 sockets along the top edge of the VGI-100. This allows the direct connection of many industrial standard vacuum gauges. The connections support control of the digital gauge enable or degas input where required.

Picture of VGI-100 showing the RJ45 sockets

The RS485 or RS232 interface together with the +24Vdc power supply required to power the gauges are connected via standard pluggable screw connectors.

Picture of VGI-100 showing the RS485 connections

Using a dll it is possible to interface the VGI-100 to most Windows software. Full details of the serial port protocol are available.

The VGI-100 is also supported by the Cigol Controls VCP-800

The VGI-100 is symmetrical DIN rail mounting (you can see the "release clip" in the picture above).

Contact us for more details or for information about displaying the measured vacuums as graphs (over time) and / or data logging the readings for later analysis.


Supported Gauges

Edwards - AIM-S penning

Edwards - AIM-X penning

Edwards - APGX-L pirani

Edwards - APGX-M pirani

Inficon - MPG400 combination

Inficon - MPG500 combination ("P" scale output)

Inficon - PSG-400 pirani

Inficon - PSG-500 pirani

Leybold - ITR-100 (D mode)

Leybold - TTR-211 pirani

Leybold - TR090 pirani

Pfeiffer - PKR251 combination

Pfeiffer - PBR260 combination

Pfeiffer - TPR280 pirani

Pfeiffer - CMR361 capacitive manometer

Contact us if you wish to use a vacuum gauge that is not in the above list



An Pfeiffer gauge to RJ45 lead is available to provide a simple means of using the VGI-100 with gauges manufactured by Pfeiffer. Click here for more details.

The VGI-100 is supplied with a Windows 7 / Windows 10 compatible application that allows the display of measured vacuum gauges. Click here to download (free of charge) a simulation of this application (Win XP or Win 7, 10 or higher). This version (726710) was updated May 2019. Check your current version (Help/About) to see if you are using the latest version.


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