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Liquid Nitrogen Controller


The LNN-101 is primarily targeted for use in the high vacuum industry.

The unit is designed to the control of liquid nitrogen in a meissner coil mounted within a high vacuum chamber. The meissner coil temperature is sensed using a type T thermouple. The unit controls an external solenoid valve to ensure that the meissner coil is kept cold without excessive waste of liquid nitrogen. A warm up function is also provided.

.Picture of MTC-100 four chanel temperature controller

The LNN-101 is panel mounting (recommended cut out 138 mm x 92 mm) and occupies a depth behind the panel of 160 mm.


LNN-101 Operators Notes (pdf format, 22k)

LNN-101 Summary of Output Functions (pdf format, 22k)

LNN-101 Input / Output Information (pdf format, 34k)

LNN-101 RS232 Port Commands (pdf format, 30k)

LNN-101 Typical Installation Drawing (pdf format, 12k)

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Prices and Ordering details

Liquid Nitrogen Controller - LNN-101 - Cigol part no. 250218

1 off price (including carriage to UK) £858-00 (excluding VAT) = £1008-15 (including VAT)

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