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4 Channel Temperature Controller


The MTC-100 is primarily targeted for use in the plastic injection moulding industry.

The unit is designed to provide simultaneous accurate closed loop control of the temperature of all four heater bands on a typical plastic injection moulding machine barrel. The standard temperature range is 130 to 350 degrees C. Each channel set point may be individually programmed in steps of 1 degree C. The standard unit features Type J thermocouple inputs.

Picture of MTC-100 four chanel temperature controller

The MTC-100 is panel mounting (recommended cut out 138 mm x 92 mm) and occupies a depth behind the panel of 160 mm.

Download a Summary of the MTC-100 (pdf format, 16k) or a set of MTC-100 Operation Notes (pdf format, 44k).

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4 Channel Temperature Controller - MTC-100 - Cigol part no. 250154

1 off price (including carriage to UK) £495-00 (excluding VAT) = £581-63 (including VAT)

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