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** NDIC-UK - NDIC-II Meter Pulse Rate Measurment **

The NDIC-UK is an example of a Cigol product developed for a specific customer to solve a specific problem. In this case the customer was a large multinational company. Our development was in conjunction with the UK branch of the company who spotted a missing link in the range of control components in their catalogue and brought Cigol Controls in to design and manufacture a unit to fill this gap.

The NDIC-UK was superceded by a later version called NDIC-II.

Both the NDIC-UK and the NDIC-II are top hat DIN rail mounting.

This is the PCB that forms the basis of the NDIC-UK

Picture of the PCB used for the NDIC-UK

This is the later version of the NDIC-UK namely the NDIC-II

The NDIC-UK was superceded by the NDIC-II

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