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Examples of Successfully Designed, Manufactured and Commissioned Products of Cigol Controls Ltd.

4) Logic Sequence Control for Plastics Machines.

A microprocessor based controller for use with plastic injection moulding machines, allowing both manual and automatic cycling. The same basic system, with a different program is used to control plastics vacuum forming machines

5) Programmable Data Logging Unit.

A unit tailored for each customer's requirements to provide a printout of any parameter(s) at regular time intervals or under fault conditions etc. The unit incorporates a 24 hour clock with month and date and a printer, and may be used to monitor analogue or digital inputs. Additional facilities such as alarm outputs etc. can be provided.

6) Industrial 8 kW Microwave Oven Controller.

The industrial microwave oven consists of a continuous belt, passing through a microwave tunnel whose power is obtained from 10 individual 800 watt microwave generators. The controller senses items as they are put on the belt and then activates each microwave generator as the item on the belt passes the corresponding microwave aperture. Any number of items may be passed through the tunnel at any time.

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