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Software Design and Development

Microprocessor and Microcontroller Software Design

Cigol Controls Limited has a wide range of experience in the design and development of software for microprocessor systems ranging from high power Windows PC software down to embedded 16 bit and 8 bit micro-controllers for the control of small appliances.

We can also support legacy VME bus based systems.

Particular areas of software design expertise include

Assembly Language, C and C++ programming for Freescale (formerly Motorola) micro-controllers and MPUs, including 9S12, 9S08, 68K, HCS12, HC11, HC08, HC05

PL9 for the 6809

Cigol Controls own licensed copies of compilers by Freescale, IAR Systems, ByteCraft, 2500AD etc.

Operating systems: Windows 11, Linux, FreeBSD

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