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Simple Windows Event Time Test Program

Most windows based software systems use one or more periodic timers to handle monitoring or control functions. Timers of lower frequencies normally run reliably and continually no matter what other applications the windows system may be supporting. However as the time period is reduced it is comon for time 'ticks' to become erratic or to not be generated at all.

In order to help detect the presence of such situations Cigol Controls has developed a simple free standing program which may be downloaded (159kb) and used / copied or distributed as you see fit. Cigol Controls make no guarantee as to the suitability of the software for any particular use and will not be liable for any consequences of use.

How it works.....

The software simultaneously runs five periodic timers and uses them to count upwards in one second intervals. The periods of the timers are 10ms, 20ms, 50ms, 100ms, 200ms.

When the application is running all the counters should ideally be counting at one second intervals. Thus if all the counts increment up at 1Hz this indicates that the periodic timer 'ticks' are regular.

However if some timer 'ticks' are missed then the count period becomes longer than one second and the count value starts to lag behind the actual number of elapsed seconds.

Download the time test program now

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